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ADB Lux Service, your sanitary heating specialist

Based on the experience of its employees, ADB Lux Service brings you tailor-made and sustainable solutions in the field of sanitary heating. Enjoy the advice of our experts and a quality workforce for the study, installation, replacement, troubleshooting or maintenance of your heating system or your sanitary.

A multitude of services are offered to you:

• Installation of boiler, heat pump, stove or DDG insert, alone or in combination with existing heating system
• Maintenance and repair all brands (7d / 7)
• Studies and estimates of new installations
• Assembly of your bathroom, toilets ...

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ADB Lux Service, your sanitary heating specialist

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Our products

The heating systems of ADB Lux Services

• A wide range of boilers
ADB Lux Service takes care of the study and the installation of your boiler!

Our quality boilers are distinguished by robust construction, safety and optimum performance. The reliability of our products is up to the valuable advice of our team of professionals who are committed to everyday to bring you solutions tailored to your needs.

• floor boilers gas and oil
• compact gas and oil boilers
• gas wall boilers
• gas and oil condensing boilers
• ...
Choose from the boiler models of our three trusted suppliers:

Our products
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• Stoves and inserts made to measure
A unique and tailor-made concept, the DDG system, proposed by ADB Lux Service, combines aesthetic beauty and energetic gain. Our stoves and inserts create a pleasant atmosphere and can save a lot of energy by heating your entire home with your home’s existing central heating system, or just live on your home. installation.

Invite the heat of fire into your home. Find the range of stoves we offer!

Preserve the environment and your budget. Find all the inserts we put at your disposal!

• Quality heat pumps
Whether from the ground, groundwater or air, it is possible to exploit the free thermal potential of nature for your own environment, thanks to the installation of a heat pump.

For this, our experts will advise you at best to choose a heat pump adapted to your heat needs as well as your architectural and geological conditions. This powerful, economical and silent solution is suitable for new buildings as well as renovated homes by combining your heat pump with an oil or gas boiler ...

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