ADB Lux Service, partner of your daily energy

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ADB Lux Service, partner of your daily energy

For more than 10 years, ADB Lux Service has been providing you with innovative and tailor-made renewable energy solutions. More than a know-how, it is a flawless desire that drives our team to meet the ecological and budgetary expectations of our customers, anxious to use green energy, profitable, respectful of the environment.

To meet all your needs, whether you are an individual or a professional, ADB Lux Service offers photovoltaic solar energy through photovoltaic panels. For this, our team of professionals is at your disposal for all studies and installations adapted to the constraints of your roof.

Guaranteed 25 years, our exclusively European products represent excellent value for your money!

In addition, we are constantly evolving in relation to the new technologies that are opening up on the market, in order to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art service to optimize the return on investment. ADB Lux Service is not just an installer, we offer a follow-up service, remote production of your facilities and maintain your installation (cleaning and troubleshooting panels).

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ADB Lux Service, partner of your daily energy

Our strong points

• Customized service of your installation
• Quality of our products and services
• Our skilled professionals
• Our great responsiveness
• Intervention on orphan installations, when the installer has disappeared

ADB Lux Service, the choice of quality

At ADB Lux Service, we carefully select our partners for strict quality and safety standards:

Learn more about photovoltaics

What is photovoltaics?

Photovoltaics is renewable energy produced from sunlight, recovered and transformed directly into electricity by photovoltaic panels.

Several interconnected cells form a photovoltaic solar module. All of these bundled modules form a solar installation producing electricity, which can be used on site or on a larger scale to power a distribution network.

Solar photovoltaic energy has become an essential energy. In addition to the advantages of the lack of maintenance of photovoltaic systems, this energy is inexhaustible and flexible. Becoming more and more efficient and accessible thanks to its lower costs, it remains a very interesting investment to reduce its carbon footprint but also to achieve financial savings.

Learn more about photovoltaics
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What is a solar panel?

A solar panel aims to recover sunlight to produce electrical energy and / or heat.

There are two types of solar panels:

Those who convert light directly into solar electricity: photovoltaic solar panels
• Those who convert sunshine into heat used for heating or hot water: solar thermal panels

How to install a solar panel at home?

Solar panels are integrated into your roof and adapt to all types of constraints: surface, level of sunshine, fireplace, roof window ....

For the study and the realization of your photovoltaic project in the respect of the environment and controlled costs call on ADB Lux Service, partner of your daily renewable energy!

Producing your own electricity is possible thanks to solar energy!

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